Where can I send you my pitch?

We’re open for pitches!

We accept pitches on future, science fiction, growth, interviews, ideas, success stories. You get the idea! Please submit only an excerpt of your article where you describe your idea. If you’d like to submit an interview or review please let us know in your message.

It is your responsibility to make sure that no copyright is infringed with any pictures or cross-posted content that you submit.

Please send your pitch to pitches (a) maranth-press.com, and don’t forget to include your name.

How can I become a contributor?

Send us your pitch and let us know that you’d like to become a contributor. This works best if you also describe what you’d like to write about („Future“, „Space Time“, something else?). You will get access to our group where we discuss articles.

Shop FAQ

Are your products eco-friendly?

All our products are eco-friendly, and organic.


What do you mean by “includes donations”?

Some of our upcoming products may include a donation that will support non-profit organizations. You can find out if a donation is included with a product in the product description.


What are your t-shirts made of?

Our t-shirts are made of 60% organic cotton, 40% recycled poly rPET. With every t-shirt, you save up to 4 plastic bottles from ending up in the ocean!


Where are your products manufactured?

Our products are manufactured in the USA and Europe.


I am an influencer, can I work with you?

Please send us an email at info (a) maranth-press.com if you’re interested in working with maranth press. Your follower count does not matter that much to us, however, we would like to work with people that are passionate about our message. Please note that we can only get back to you if you include your Instagram or Pinterest link in your message. We are looking forward to hear from you!


Can I order custom t-shirts?

Please contact us at info (a) maranth-press.com if you are interested in discussing custom products. Please note that you may have to pay in advance to order your t-shirt, as we do not wish to encourage “fast fashion” or contribute to pollution by having to throw away t-shirts.


I have noticed that the t-shirt I have ordered arrived packaged in plastic, is this plastic recycled?

We work with distributors to be able to ship our products in as many countries as possible. However, it can happen that some of the partners we work with use plastic to package the products which is not necessarily made with recycled plastic. We are working on improving our shipping to make it more sustainable.