Occult inspired: The Collection


Our first collection „occult inspired“ is now available, so we thought we'd introduce ourselves and quickly write what we do.



Why organic t-shirts?

We decided to only design organic tees because we feel that it is a responsibility of everyone today to at least do something to reduce harm that is done to our environment. With rainforests that are burning down, oceans that are being polluted every day, and single-use plastic that harms our environment, the least that we can do is to make sure that what we do does not further harm and pollute our environment.


Why are your tees made from recycled plastic bottles?

Not all of our upcoming products will be made from recycled plastic bottles, but we felt that it is a creative and sustainable way to help fight pollution AND have a collection of amazing tees at the same time!


Why “occult inspired”?

We wanted a collection inspired by the spiritual, the earth, the creative. Whether it's admiring the pyramids the Ancient Egyptians built, marvelling about the possibilities of extraterrestrial life somewhere in space, or reminding ourselves to be mindful, we wanted designs that make you stand out and connect you to the spiritual.


 Why “Salt and Planets”?

Our idea - and the label - developed in London, UK (in Camden, if you’re nosy), and the idea for the name emerged from the combination of creating tees that are inspired by the oceans (“Salt”) and by space (“Planets”).

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